Movies Documentaries from previous Expeditions

1. Malaga to Marrakech Documentary

Malaga to Marrakech

Malaga to Marrakech - The following is a 45 minute documentary following the highs and lows of the cycling for charity team as they take on their first challenging cycling expedition. It is a journey covering 697 miles from Malaga (Spain, Europe) to Marrakech (Morocco, Africa).


During the adventure the team encounters mechanical failures, extreme weather conditions, tests of physical and mental fitness,  high mountain passes, a trip to the hospital and amazingly friendly people.


The expedition was in aid of the Children's Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS).


Filmed and edited

Sean Newall

Richard Tiffin


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2. Ljubljana to Istanbul Documentary


Ljubljana to Istanbul - This is the second outing by the cycling for charity team. This time both the challenge and team have increased. The second cycle expedition is a 1600 mile journey from Ljubljana (Slovenia, Europe) to Istanbul (Turkey, Asia).  This took the team through nine eastern European countries exposing them to a variety of cultures, landscapes and experiences.


Similar to the first adventure the team encountered a number of unforeseen difficulties. A sickness bug spread throughout the team,  they were chased by wild dogs, there was the threat of wolves and bears, daily tests of friendship, dangerous landmines, extreme weather and of course the "cake" incident.   



The expedition was in aid of the Children's Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS).


Filmed and Edited

Richard Tiffin

Sean Newall


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3. The Commonwealth Challenge Promotion Video



This is a short slide show video I made for the launch of the Commonwealth Challenge Website. All of the flags of the 72 nations of the challenge are represented in the video. See below:

Promo Commonwealth Challenge Slideshow from The Commonwealth Challenge on Vimeo.

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