Each adventure allows the opportunity to raise funds for charity. For this challenge I have chose to support the Myocard 


Cycle Africa- 3000 miles from Nairobi to Johannesburg. I will go through 8 countries and have 35 days to complete the challenge. Each challenge I take on allows for the fantastic opportunity to raise both funds and awareness of causes.


For this challenge I have picked a charity that is in much need of more awareness about the condition: The Myocarditis Foudation 


Please Read Lucys Story 

Lucy's Story


Lucy Boslem, or Lucy B as she was  known to many and liked to call herself, was a happy, healthy 8 year old girl who had such a colourful and vibrant personality; she could light up any room that she walked into and did light up many people’s lives.


Lucy was a confident wee girl who would make friends with anyone, no matter what age they were, she would love to befriend them and make them feel involved. Ten days before we sadly lost Lucy B she had flu like symptoms. However, 3 days before she started to become herself again, laughing and joking and playing with her friends. On 16 July 2011, we were at a family party and Lucy B as always was life and soul of the party - wanting to party on and spend time with her friends and family as long as she could.

Lucy went to bed that evening, excited that she was going on holiday the following day. Unfortunately on the 17 July 2011 Lucy took a seizure in her bed. Paramedics believed it to be diabetes however shortly on her arrival to hospital, Lucy’s condition deteriorated significantly. After an X-ray Lucy’s heart was shown to be enlarged. On 17 July 2011, we lost our Lucy very suddenly with no other symptoms other than a minor cold. We found out that it was myocarditis a month later that took our beautiful Lucy away. We feel it is so important to raise awareness of myocarditis as if we knew anything about it perhaps our Lucy B would still be here with us today.

Lucy lives on in the heart of her family and friends and we believe her to be looking down on us all, a sparkling little butterfly in the sky.

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